Monthly Archives for February 2014

Oops ..

We are experiencing some ‘user’ difficulties getting the 2014 addition of our class blogs up and running. We hope to have them all active shortly. Our apologies for the delay.

Responding to the storm in the weekend …

Whoosh, crack, crack goes the wind and rain against the hard roof. Boom, flash goes the thunder and lightening. Inside It was peaceful. I was inside playing with lego and a friend. By James

This term the concept or idea we are exploring is …..TIME

There are many different ways you can help your child to develop their thinking around time and what it means to them. You could try ~ making a point of using the calendar, TV guide to work out when different events or programmes are happening. Language such as yesterday, today, tomorrow, before, after, seasons, days, […]

New Assembly time for 2014

We held our first Caught Being Good Assembly for the year on Friday. It was a beautiful summer afternoon and we already had a bucketful of ‘Gotcha’ tickets for the kind and thoughtful choices children were making in the playground. There was singing, snapshots of what the children had been up to during the week, […]

Congratulations …

Our very own Miss Megan Horton got married last weekend. We are so happy for you, Megan and are busy practicing your new name – Mrs Altenburg. Megan is in Room 3 this year if you want to drop by and congratulate her yourself.