Monthly Archives for March 2014

Water Fun Postponed

Due to the cold wind today, the water fun has been postponed until Thursday, 10 April. It was great to see some Mums and Dads turning up today with their water pistols under their arms. We’ll see you back in two weeks time, ready for action!

Water Fun

For everyone for their great choices. Some who made lots of great choices will get lots of water fun, some who made some great choices will get some water fun. You will need to bring ~ a change of clothes that are allowed to get wet a towel a plastic bag to put the wet […]

Our new classroom blogs are here!

We have managed to sort out the technical ‘hitch’ and classroom blogs are beginning to appear. Keep an eye out for what is happening in your children’s classrooms. There should be at least a post every week. Happy blog reading!

Southland Primary School Athletics

This annual event was held this weekend. It was a frosty start to a day that just got warmer and warmer. It was a pleasure to watch all the Newfield Park students giving their all as part of the Suburbs Zone. The results will be published this week in the school newsletter. Athletics is a […]

The beetle

The beetle went crunch. It was disgusting. I couldn’t bear putting my tongue on it. I took the shell off but that made it even worse by that I mean dry, tasteless and suck the moisture out of my body. I’d felt like the sky was about to fall on my head. by Flynn

New Entrant Brekkie

Thinking about which school? Wanting to have a look around and talk to the Principal, Ms Carey and some of the other staff. Come along to the New Entrant Breakfast being held this Thursday, 6 March at 8:00am in the School Hall. We’d love to see you there!