Thank you to everyone that helped out with Senior Athletics …

It was a great success even though the weather was not helpful. It was an especially big effort as we decided to run with the athletics on the Wednesday rather then the Thursday as the planned postponement date. This was simply due to the weather forecast looking better for Wednesday then later on in the week. We had parents and teaching staff out helping at all the field events and recording times etc for the running events.

The results will be published in this week’s newsletter. There were some amazing acts of sportsmanship and competition, with many of us holding our breath as students went for higher and higher heights or tried for a throw that was just a little further.

Students need to not only be in the top two for their age group but also have met the minimum standard to go to the Zones. Due to changes in numbers of children at different schools, the make up of each zone was looked at last year. This has meant that we are now in a new zone with Fernworth and New River Primary schools. The Zone competition will be held at the Surrey Park sports grounds. Notices will be sent home for those children who qualify for this competition.

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