Imagine being an animal.

I am Matthew a wolf. I have grey fur and I have green eyes, a black tail and my teeth are quite yellow.

I am Jett, a worm. Seagulls eat me up. When they shake me around my blood comes out. I go to the worm hospital.

I am Chrysler, a lion. I eat mice and smell fear, even far away under the grass. I roar loud and louder than any lion in the jungle.

I wish I was a shark. Sharks can eat fish. Sharks are cool. What shark I want to be is a tiger shark. Sharks have sharp teeth. The shark is a cowboy and the horse is a fish. The shark breathes fire.

I am Maria and I am a butterfly and I went flying out with my friends and then I went home. All of the animals were following me and then I was beautiful. Me and my butterfly can do amazing things like a back flip.

Thank you Room 10 for using your imagination and creating pictures in our heads using words.

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