A Facelift for the Artroom

Fallon Braithwaite has been hard at work knocking the artroom into shape. We have had a dream to turn the old prefabs – Room 15 & 16 – into a specialist artroom and a specialist music room, with the cloakroom in between, a ‘gallery’ to display children’s work. Early this year, we looked at quotes to get this work done. After looking at quotes in the tens of thousands, we decided to have a go ourselves. Sonya Carey, Steph Parks and Fallon, got it started with Fallon finishing the job off. Take a look at the work we have done so far.


We are hoping to have this ready for children and teachers shortly. If you are interested in lending a hand, we would love to hear from you.

Let Fallon know by leaving a message for her at the school office.

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