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Teacher Only Day this Friday

This Friday, 30 May is a teacher only day at Newfield Park School. The teaching staff will continue their work with educational consultant and coach, Trudy Francis on quality approaches to teaching writing. Our support staff will be working with Di Brown from Special Education looking at a range of strategies to support children with […]

Imagine being an animal.

I am Matthew a wolf. I have grey fur and I have green eyes, a black tail and my teeth are quite yellow. Matthew I am Jett, a worm. Seagulls eat me up. When they shake me around my blood comes out. I go to the worm hospital. Jett I am Chrysler, a lion. I […]

The beetle

The beetle went crunch. It was disgusting. I couldn’t bear putting my tongue on it. I took the shell off but that made it even worse by that I mean dry, tasteless and suck the moisture out of my body. I’d felt like the sky was about to fall on my head. by Flynn

Responding to the storm in the weekend …

Whoosh, crack, crack goes the wind and rain against the hard roof. Boom, flash goes the thunder and lightening. Inside It was peaceful. I was inside playing with lego and a friend. By James

Thank you Invercargill North Rotary Club for our Dictionaries!

Every year the Invercargill North Rotary Club along with their sponsors give each Year 4 student in Southland a free dictionary of their very own. For the children of Newfield Park School this is an important day, part of becoming a Senior student and leaving behind their years in the juniors. Mrs Merle O’Donnell explained […]

World Literacy Day

We decided to celebrate World Literacy Day by putting on our ‘glad rags’ and dressing up as something that starts with the same letter as our name. There were characters of every description, small and large wandering about the school. Being able to read is a powerful thing that opens worlds for us to explore. […]

The Fire Woman

Artist ~ Emily The Fire Woman had fire in her finger nails and toe nails. Maui visited her and one-by-one got fire from her finger and toe nails. He made the Fire Woman angry because he tricked her and put all the fires out by putting them in the river, until there was only one […]


My thoughts are like people, trapped in a cave. Some push, others turn and twist. Some sleep, some get out and some are to slow. They are trapped in there for days, until someone finally comes and gets them. By Chantinee Poet  

That is what Summer Is

Remember the smell of the roses and meat cooking on the barbeque Remember the freshly baked cookies drifting through the air You’re sitting on the couch sweating and the window is open As you sit up to catch the wind That was Summer   Emily Watt 7 years old Poet