Health Promoting School

Newfield Park Schools is a health promoting school. We are smoke free, sun smart and a water only school.

We are committed to providing the very best learning environment for children that we can. This includes looking after children’s brain and physical well-being by being a healthy eating school.

We encourage children to have healthy lunch options that help their brain to focus and concentrate on their learning. This does not have to be expensive options – sandwiches, plain biscuits and a piece of fruit are perfectly good options for children.

We are a water-only school. Water is essential for a healthy brain and we encourage children to drink water regularly.

Fruit in Schools

We are fortunate to be part of this Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health initiative. Every child in the school receives a piece of fruit each day. It adds to the healthy lunch and snacks that families provide for their children each day. 

Fonterra Milk in Schools

This is a Fonterra sponsored initiative that provides an opportunity for children to have free milk. Currently this is being run 3 times a week in various classrooms throughout the school.

Koha Kai

This is a not for profit organisation that provides the opportunity for children to have access to cooked lunches three times a week for a reasonable cost. The school pays an annual contribution to have Koha Kai in the school. Menus for the month are posted regularly on the school Facebook page.

Kickstart Breakfast in Schools

This is jointly sponsored by Fonterra and Sanitarium and is run by community volunteers. Three mornings a week, breakfast is provided free in the school hall.

Social Worker in Schools (SWIS)

This is a free service that places social workers in schools across to New Zealand to support the learning and development of children and families. Barnardos run the service in Southland.