KiVa: A programme to tackle bullying

What is KiVa?

KiVa is an evidence based programme that has been designed to prevent bullying and to tackle bullying effectively. Classroom teachers teach a range of lessons around how to identify bullying and what to do if you are being bullied or see someone being bullied.

The KiVa Team:

The KiVa team address any reported bullying incidents and follow a process to ensure that bullying behavior is dealt with and monitored.

Bullying is:

Harmful behaviour/degrading treatment which is:

  • Deliberate
  • Repeated
  • Targeted at a relatively defenceless/less powerful person.

Bullying is not:

  • A conflict.
  • An argument.
  • A fight.

Goals of the KiVa Programme:

  • Reduce bullying.
  • Prevent new bullying incidents from happening.
  • Minimise the negative effects caused by bullying.

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