Positive Behaviour for Learning

Newfield Park School is proud to be a part of the ‘Positive Behaviour for Learning’ contract with the Ministry of Education, commonly known simply as PB4L.

PB4L teaches and supports positive behaviour for all students; their personal development as well as helping them to understand what is required of them in order to create together a peaceful, productive and harmonious learning community.

Celebrations & Consequences

We love to celebrate our successes and acknowledge our achievements and have systems in place to reward and encourage the BIG4 at our school. These range from in-class rewards, end of week reward activities to individual acknowledgment for ‘going green’ for fifty days, one hundred days, one hundred and fifty days etc

Problem behaviours are regarded as learning errors. In the event that a student demonstrates inappropriate behaviour, teachers support improvement through re-teaching, pre-correction and corrective feedback where necessary.

Where a student fails to respond to teaching and positive reinforcement or to teacher pre-correction or verbal correction and chooses to continue their problem behaviour, we implement a school-wide system of consequences.

This is the third year I have had children at Newfield Park School and I am very impressed with a great all-round education that has helped increase my children’s self confidence and self esteem. Thanks heaps. You are doing an awesome JOB!’ Parent comment, Health & PE Consultation 2011

Positive Beahviour for Learning at Newfield Park School