Breakfast in Schools
Breakfast runs three days a week; Monday, Wednesday and Fridays between 8:30-8:55am in the school hall. The weetbix and milk are supplied free of charge by the nation-wide sponsors of the programme – Fonterra & Sanitarium. Volunteers from our families supervise the breakfast with the help of Year 6 students.

Fruit in Schools
Export quality fruit is provided free of charge daily to children at our school. This is the result of an initiative set-up between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.


Every child has weekly reading, spelling and number knowledge homework that is appropriate to their learning needs.

Kids Can

We are a Kids Can school. They provide us with healthy food options to ‘top up’ kids lunches such as muesli bars, scroggin etc. Each child enrolled at the school gets a Kids Can coat to keep them dry in the winter and there are opportunities for families to access free shoes if they wish.

Vegetable Garden

The school has a vegetable garden which gives our children an opportunity to ‘grow their own’ vegetables. We are always looking for enthusiastic gardeners who would like to share their experience and skills with both children and adults at the school.