A Facelift for the Artroom

Fallon Braithwaite has been hard at work knocking the artroom into shape. We have had a dream to turn the old prefabs – Room 15 & 16 – into a specialist artroom and a specialist music room, with the cloakroom in between, a ‘gallery’ to display children’s work. Early this year, we looked at quotes […]

The beetle

The beetle went crunch. It was disgusting. I couldn’t bear putting my tongue on it. I took the shell off but that made it even worse by that I mean dry, tasteless and suck the moisture out of my body. I’d felt like the sky was about to fall on my head. by Flynn

Making the Thinking Visible ~ Tip Number Two

Develop a Growth Mindset. If you believe that intelligence and ability can grow over time, you are more likely to take risks, enjoy a challenge, see set-backs and things that go wrong simply as hurdles to get over and beyond as you continue to grow and learn. This is the opposite of believing that intelligence […]

“A Culture of Thinking ….

creating places where thinking is valued, visible and supported.” Ron Ritchart – Project Zero. Many of you will now be aware that we were one of the last primary schools to open for instruction this year in Invercargill. This was a deliberate decision to allow the teaching staff to work with Trudy Francis, 21st Century […]

Congratulations Room 2 – 2000 hits on your blog!

Today at school, Room 2 and Mrs Ellison celebrated their 2000th visitor to their classroom blog. It was time for a big party with all sorts of delicious treats making there way to Room 2 throughout the day. We would like to thank the school community for their support and don’t forget to drop by […]

21st Learners & Melbourne

Ms Carey, Miss Braithwaite and Miss Wild have been away last week looking at innovative schools in Melbourne and attending an Australasian Educationalists Conference in Melbourne. They were fortunate to visit two fabulous schools who believe that children learn best by; interacting with others both directly or indirectly through a range of media, engaging with […]

Cupcake Sale for SPCA

Meadow and Anastazea, both Year 6 students at Newfield Park School, approached Ms Carey, the Principal, about holding a Cupcake Day to raise money for the SPCA. Ms Carey thought it was a great idea and that she knew just the person to help out – Miss Stainburn. Miss Stainburn had worked as a baker […]

Our Block B Refit

The photos are here at last. Akomanga 5,6,7,8 are enjoying the latest additions to our modern learning spaces at school. So what makes them so special? The Board of Trustees has made a conscious decision to plan for the future and we know flexibility will be the key to the learning spaces of the future, […]