School Picnic 2013

It may have been windy, it may have rained during the day but the hardy Newfield Park school community still went ahead with the school picnic on Tuesday, 5 March. It started at 5:00pm with everyone bringing a picnic and joining together by the hall. The staff and many of the children dressed in green […]

Thank you Invercargill North Rotary Club for our Dictionaries!

Every year the Invercargill North Rotary Club along with their sponsors give each Year 4 student in Southland a free dictionary of their very own. For the children of Newfield Park School this is an important day, part of becoming a Senior student and leaving behind their years in the juniors. Mrs Merle O’Donnell explained […]

Adventures of a Year 6 Camp – Day Three

Day three saw the group heaading off to Sandy Point with Venture Southland for an all day rotation of rafting, mountain bike riding, archery, vertical bungey and tuhoro digging on Oreti Beach. We were fortunate through the good will of others to get a permit to dig for tuhoro, later that night they were cleaned […]

The Adventures of Year 6 Camp

Late one Sunday night, Miss Wild got a phone call from Borland Lodge to tell her that one of the access bridges into the Lodge had been damaged by water and was no longer safe. Miss Wild rang Ms Carey. The kids were supposed to leave first thing in the morning. There was no doubt […]